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Darius Tolkien-spurr

Darius Tolkien-spurr

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Darius is a Carbon Accountant and Analyst, with experience quantifying the impacts of climate change and analyzing the financial, environmental, and social impact of renewable energy projects and developing models/tools to automate these processes. He has an MSc in Carbon Finance from the University of Edinburgh and is passionate about all things related to climate change and energy. Darius is also part of the team that created the Interactive Business Energy and Emissions Dashboard for Cities, which was the winning proposal for the Climate CoLab’s Smart Zero Carbon Cities challenge in 2016.


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Darius Tolkien-spurr voted for proposal Data drives smart decisions: Interactive BEEPs for Municipalities and BusinessesAug 28, 2018
Darius Tolkien-spurr voted for proposal Interactive Business Energy and Emissions Dashboard for CitiesJul 18, 2016
Darius Tolkien-spurr joined the Climate CoLab communityJul 18, 2016