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Nya Van Leuvan

Nya Van Leuvan


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Nya Van Leuvan is the Executive Director of Root Solutions, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing environmental practitioners with behavior-based tools that allow them to create more effective campaigns, policies, and strategies that reflect how people actually make decisions and the factors that motivate behavior.

Since founding Root Solutions in 2014, Nya has worked with numerous institutions to apply behavior design to their efforts. Nya is authoring two books on the use of behavior design. Designing for Environmental Action, to be released in the fall of 2016, will give design guidance for the most commonly used and powerful behavior-based interventions. A second non-fiction book, on the use of behavior design to improve and scale all social cause movements, is due out in 2017.  

Before Root Solutions, Nya was at Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), where her conservation work focused on the application of research in institutional design, economics and other fields to create market based policies and design principles that facilitate rational environmental decision-making, namely in service of preserving the world’s oceans. She advised EDF staff, stakeholder groups and government officials on catch share design and implementation. She has co-authored two books on market based incentives for human behavior: Catch Share Design Manual, Volume 1: A Guide for Managers and Fishermen and Catch Share Design Manual, Volume 2: Cooperative Catch Shares, as well as several scientific articles.

Nya Van Leuvan received her M.A. from the School of Human Evolution and Social Change, in conjunction with the Institute of Human Origins, at Arizona State University. She holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley.



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Nya Van Leuvan joined the Climate CoLab communityMay 23, 2016