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Apratim Sahay

Apratim Sahay


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Apratim is excited to be the Climate Colab fellow for the Energy-Water nexus contest. He is currently an intern at the Charles River watershed association, an environmental research and advocacy organization where he works on transforming urban water through the restoration of natural hydrology in their "Blue Cities" program. Apratim received his PhD in Physics at MIT in 2015 for research on quantifying microRNA gene regulation using single-cell biophysical methods and next-generation sequencing. As a graduate student he was active in the water and energy clubs. He did  his undergraduate work in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Chicago.


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Infrastructure for a Livable FutureMay 25, 2016


Apratim Sahay voted for proposal Infrastructure for a Livable FutureJul 5, 2016
Apratim Sahay is supporting proposal Infrastructure for a Livable FutureMay 25, 2016
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