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Courtlyn Carpenter

Courtlyn Carpenter


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I grew up in western Colorado where I took full advantage of abundant opportunities to spend time outdoors hiking, biking, and skiing – not to mention feasting on Palisade peaches and other fresh, local produce. My “treehugging” values are firmly rooted – as is my strong desire to promote conservation and sustainability.

I am an environmental engineering student at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and just took a gap semester to participate in Watson University. I work for CU Dining Services as the Sustainability Intern and am a member of the CU Student Government Sustainability Think Tank because I love teaching students about sustainability. Additionally, I co-founded a national, non-profit organization called bridgeUSA that promotes transpartisanship on college campuses, and I run the chapter at CU (bridgeCU). To relax and recharge, I enjoy playing the cello and running in the mountains.


Sustainability2020 - Online Home Energy Challenge & Green QUIZDec 31, 2015

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Sustainability2020 - Online Home Energy Challenge & Green QUIZJan 24, 2016


Courtlyn Carpenter is supporting proposal Sustainability2020 - Online Home Energy Challenge & Green QUIZJan 24, 2016
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