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Dpnald Stonebraker

Dpnald Stonebraker


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I have a MS degree in Meteorology from the California Institute of Technology. I also almost finished a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado. I taught Engineering Science and Math at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. I was employed by IBM as an Industrial Educator for 20 years. I current am an author/publisher and have five books for sale on Amazon. I was also a multi-engine Pilot in the Air Force. 

Meteorology was my first love and has remained so since 1944. I have enjoyed studying the weather for over 70 years and watching it evolve into a REAL science over the years.

I did research on Radio Refractive Index and how it relates to Atmospheric Science while at the USAF Academy.

I wrote a test book, which was published by the Air Force, entitled AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING SYSTEMS ANALYSIS. I also put together twelve self study booklets for IBM on Copier Technology.

I wrote scientific papers for the Air Force on Weather Types in the Sea of Japan and East of Japan and also a paper on how to forecast snow shower in Northern Japan. 

I wrote a scientific paper for The Department of Commerce National Bureau of Standards entitled PULSE-VOLTAGE PARAMETERS AND THEIR MEASUREMENTS.

I currently live in Boulder CO and Sedona AZ. I retired from the USAF as a Lt. Col. in 1965 and from IBM as a Advisory Instructor in 1985.


How WATER VAPOR causes Climate ChangeNov 16, 2015

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