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Patriciorene Tamayochicaiza

Patriciorene Tamayochicaiza


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My name is Patricio Tamayo, I was born in Quito in 1957, I am an engineer in electronics and telecommunications, and since 2009 I am coordinator of a community organization called the COMITE DE GESTION DEL SUBSECTOR LA VICENTINA, which joints about 25 neighborhoods and it represents about 25,000 inhabitants of the east central Quito. Actuall I live in Quito, Ecuador, the most important community work is the development of "SENDERO ECOLOGICO LA VICENTINA" project, we have worked for over four years in an area of ​​20 hectares located in the center-east of Quito. With community work have planted more than 3,000 trees, hummingbirds return, mariposass, bees and some other kinds of birds, but another very important fact is that we have recovered at least 6 natural watersheds. Currently in Ecuador we have the threat of an eruption of the volcano Cotopaxi, which is could contaminate water sources of our city and becomes especially important to protect these natural reserves. In the past, since 2008, we are working in reducing pollutants driven private cars with combustion engine. We have supported initiatives such as the Metroferico (with Richard Resl-USFQ), currently we support alternative means of transport such as bicycles and electric transport (cars, motorcycles, buses, trams, trains etc.). Two years ago met the geo-citizen system had some training with Richard Resl, but unfortunately still has not achieved its massification.


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Seeding Science Knowledge by engaging local expertsSep 14, 2015


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