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Catherine Cameron

Catherine Cameron


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Catherine’s expertise is in sustainability, with a particular focus on building resilience and managing the risks around climate disruption, having been a member of the core team on the Stern Review of the Economics of Climate Change. She combines experience in academic research and teaching, with work for governments, the private sector and civil society organisations. Her current interests include changing the narrative of sustainability and rethinking growth given resource constraints.

She has several years of Board and Advisory Board experience in the commercial and NFP sectors. She has both Chaired and been a Board member of a UK limited company and a NFP, along with a number of advisory board positions for both commercial and NFP’s. These companies have been UK based, often working in global markets. She has worked with companies in the FMCG, retail, food and aerospace sectors to deliver change in policy, products and process, enabling them to become more sustainable and resilient.

Catherine has worked in over 45 countries in Africa, Latin America & the Caribbean and South Asia over the last 27 years. 


Destroy CarbonAug 29, 2015

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