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Martin Mizera

Martin Mizera


Screen NameautoideaActivities7
Member SinceMar 2, 2015CoLab Points (actual)
CountryUnited KingdomCoLab Points (max. potential)

A 30+ year career in transportation and automotive.

Last 10 years also working on biofuels and waste conversion to energy.

Have a UK company to formalise work.

Looking to collaborate on community-size, emissionless waste-to-energy plants and containerised solar chillers for off-grid applications. Equity a distinct possibility for serious collaborators from around the world and the UK.


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Cold Spot: Evaporative Cooling through CeramicsMar 2, 2015


Martin Mizera added a comment to proposal ClimateRe concept: Enhancing climate resilience of small-holder farmersAug 7, 2018
Martin Mizera voted for proposal Solar Dollars: The World Currency to Price and Finance Carbon MitigationNov 16, 2015
Martin Mizera is no longer a team member of proposal Cold Spot: Evaporative Cooling through CeramicsMar 2, 2015
Martin Mizera joined the Climate CoLab communityMar 2, 2015