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Oscar Archer

Oscar Archer


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I learned about the threat of peak oil in 2005 and have been researching energy doggedly ever since. Efficiency has a definite role but is subject to Jevon's Paradox and the whims of populist governments. Also renewables, but they'll never scale up for what is needed and rely on an interlocking industrial system which is threatened every bit as much as the comfortable climate we enjoy for now. Then I learned about thorium, and obviously LFTR will be an amazing technology to unlock its potential... but what we need right now is a proven, safe energy system to replace coal, gas and oil, not merely in the west but in developing nations, that can be mass-produced and deployed promptly to fundamentally change the cost of powering our civilisation.

Many Australians alter their opinions on nuclear energy when provided with straightforward answers to their concerns. With IFR, doing so is easy.


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Integral Fast Reactors Can Power The PlanetOct 24, 2013
More Than Just Electricity: Molten Salt Reactors as Industrial HeatOct 20, 2017


Oscar Archer is supporting proposal More Than Just Electricity: Molten Salt Reactors as Industrial HeatOct 20, 2017
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