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Tasneem Khaliq

Tasneem Khaliq


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I am Assistant Professor in Agro-Climatology Lab., Department of Agronomy,University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan.I have almost 10 years eperience of advisory, consultancy, teaching and research. My research interests are Agronomy, Crop modeling, Agrometeorology, and Decision support systems. I have completed two international fellowships and worked with Decision Support System for Agro-Technology Transfer (DSSAT) and APSIM in USA and Australia respectively. I have also use these models for climate change impact assesment on crop production grown in different Agro-Ecological zone of Pakistan. I have completed one national and one international project ( AgMIP) as Co-PI. Presently i am author of 9 in international and 33 in national peer reviewed journals. During my teaching i have supervisin 2 Ph D as member and produced 1 Ph, D student as member of supervisory committee. I have also supervised 14 M. Sc students in Department of Agronomy.


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Development of highly economical, reactive layer coating of urea fertilizerJun 25, 2013


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