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Will Rumph

Will Rumph


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My name is Will Rumph (my friends call me Roem) and I am the owner and founder of RED EYE LAB.   RED EYE is a research and design lab that was created to develop clean and efficient, environmentally sensitive designs.  I try to research how consumers live and create designs based on my findings.  My goal for the lab was to be liaison between consumer and manufactures.  I never like designing in a vacuum, so I try to spend as much time with the public as possible.

 I started RED EYE about five years ago.  Before starting the company, I spent about ten years in the furniture retail industry.  Five of those years was with a custom furniture manufacturer.  My time in retail sales gave me some insight on the requirement of a design.  I understand what everyone needs (from the manufacturer to the consumer) to make a successful design.


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