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help?? please???

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Angelo Peterson

Jun 3, 2015


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GOT A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM. And people aren't even seeing the problem clearly. Would someone please help?? For 25 years I've been working on this problem, alone. I could use some help to fix it, please. The problem 1. The melting of the worlds ice caps and glaciers is adding an extraordinary amount of water weight into the worlds oceans. 2. This weight is pushing down harder on the ocean floors, while the land were the ice has melted losses weight. 3. This is causing a mass increase in seismic and volcanic activity across the globe, which will continue to grow worse as this process progresses. (check seismic and volcanic activity comparisons) 4.The volcanic activity is, and will continue to add heat and carbon gases into the atmosphere at an increasing rate, making this process self sustaining if it is not stopped. 5. The obvious global warming contributors, such as; the burning of fossil fuels in billions of cars, heating billions of homes and buildings, billion of cooking fires, and deforestation, are known. 6. Yet the worlds oceans are what truly control the planets temperature, and the mass building of Dams to produce electricity has stopped the snow and ice run off from reaching the oceans to cool it. Thus it is heating up rapidly, and this problem is not even mentioned, or addressed in the standard global warming model. 7. We are about to enter the extinction process of global warming, which will result in mass volcanism when those ice caps melt. adding more heat and pollution into the atmosphere, and into the oceans. The warmer oceans will not support phytoplankton growth, which presently accounts for 70 % of the worlds oxygen production, and deforestation, and the burning of forests caused by mass volcanism will destroy the planets ability to produce oxygen. This will cause the accumulation of carbon gases to increase exponentially in the atmosphere, as we suffocate in pollution and Carbon Dioxide. On a planet gone haywire. 8. Space debris entering the atmosphere only vaporizes due to the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. When the oxygen drop happens, we will suffocate, and space debris to entering the atmosphere, will not vaporize, it will melt and spread superheated molted metal and rock, to rain down across the earth. Creating another "Iridium layer" over our bones, just as it did the dinosaurs at the K/T extinction layer. Hydrogen powered thermal mass oven for large scale, ecologically clean, electrical production 1. Using hydrogen engines to generate electricity to heat large tungsten hot plates set beneath steel boilers (100' high x 20' in diameter) which boilers will be stood upright in a boiler room, which will be totally encased in a cement blockhouse. (think "light bulb") 2. The blockhouse will have two vacuum sealed, insulating walls on the outside to effectively trap the heat produced within. Eliminating all heat loss will raise the efficiency of this thermal mass oven to near 95%. 3. The blockhouse will have steam pipes in the walls and ceiling, to allow the collecting and distribution of hat throughout the structure. 4. The boiler room will also be flooded with inert argon gas to aid heat transfer, and limit oxidation. 5. Hydrogen engines will be used to generate electricity. This will be used to heat tungsten hot plates beneath the individual boilers, to superheat steam in the them, and the remaining heat will become trapped within The Thermal Mass Oven itself. 6. Thus, the heating the entire structure to 1200-1600 degrees Fahrenheit, will allow the system to coast for hours on the latent heat trapped within the structure. And the larger the thermal mass oven, the more efficient it will be. 7. This system could use of its own generated electricity, to heat the boiler room hot plates, in times of low demand, and thus make this system it perpetual in its nature. Using hydrogen engine back up to ensure that heat is available when necessary. Hydrogen production for powering this system 1. Some of the electricity produced by this system will be used for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gases,(electrolysis) to be used for recombining in the hydrogen engines needed to generate electrical power, for heating the tungsten hot plates beneath the boilers. A. The electrolysis process can be best accomplished, by drilling into the earth and sinking a large pipe to a 4000 ft. depth. Then filling this pipes with water, and using steam from the thermal mass oven, or exhaust from the hydrogen engines, to heat this water near 200 degrees F, B. An electrical cable will rundown the tube to the bottom, where anode and cathode will split the water into the gases at a pressure of 1700 lbs per sq. in. at 200 degrees F. C. The hydrogen and Oxygen gases will be caught in upside down aerodynamic buckets attached to a pulley system. The gases will produce 8 lbs. per gallon of lift, and will be converted to torque on the pulley system rollers. D. The pulley system should contain near 500 gallons of gases, creating 4000 lbs. of torque, at roughly 22 ft. per second. This energy will be converted to electricity and will be used to recombine these gases in the hydrogen engine, and to continue the electrolysis process. Making this system perpetual in it's nature also. Ocean cooling machines 1. This power station was originally developed to be used to power "ocean cooling machines" which are needed to fight the realities of pollution and global warming. A. These large structures will contain many large 20' diameter tubes sunk down into the ocean to a depth of 2000'. In these tubes large props will be used to drag the cold water to the surface, passing it through a screen to aerate it, and ramps to slow its drop back into the depths due to density differences. These will be connected on the bottom using a large bell housing to increase up flow efficiency. B. The platform will contain possibly 100 of these tubes, and could cool as much as 80,000,000 cubic ft. of water, by 5 degree Fahrenheit, per day. 4. Thus making the oceans cooler to promote the growth and habitat of phytoplankton. Too increase oxygen production, and carbon sequestering, as well increasing this base food source for the whole ocean, which will not grow and reproduce in warm water. C. Further, this will wash out the acidic, carbon gas pollution that is infiltrating the worlds oceans, and making it hard for zooplankton to form calcium based shells. They eat phytoplankton, and form the entire base of the marine food chain. D. It is the intent of the author to use these ocean cooling machines to create huge fish farms measuring 100 miles x 100 miles, in the "warm water deserts" across the earth equator. The water there is presently to warm to support sea life. E. I picture 1000's of these 100 miles sq. fish pens to fight global warming, ocean warming, and acidic build up in the oceans. This, while increasing food production to help pay for such an endeavor. 2. The power generation/ocean cooling station could be converted to produce ice and dry ice in the Antarctic, and Arctic, to drop into the waters in these areas to fight against the melting of the ice caps. Conclusion to the design advantages 1. This Hydrogen Powered Thermal Mass Oven will not generate pollution of any kind. Further, there will be little release of heat into the atmosphere. Making this design the most eco-friendly system possible. 2. The use and recycling of water will eliminate production costs to near zero. The ease of design will make the cost of building (and running) this power generation station very small in comparison to modern nuclear, coal, and other fossil fuel fired plants. And much more eco-friendly than building more dams. 3. The prospect of cheap abundant electricity will allow for the following changes: A. make the prospect of electrically run cars and motorcycles more economically feasible, decreasing heat and pollution produced by these. B. . Allow for the building of large, high speed electro-magnetic trains, that will be capable of carrying cars and trucks across the country, to do their business and deliveries, faster, and in their own vehicles. While cutting down the pollution and heat these cross country trips create. 4. This system could be used to power water desalination plants across the world to address water shortages across the globe. And bringing cheap power to third world nations would allow them a better opportunity to power, educate, and industrialize their nations. 5. The creation of fish farms designed to cool and clean the worlds oceans. While increasing oxygen production and carbon sequestering. 6. The use of this power to create ice and dry ice to drop in the oceans around ice caps to lower water temperatures and stop ice melt in these areas immediately. 7. By increasing the availability of affordable electricity, building designers, business, and people will have to become invested in technologies that can use this commodity to its greatest advantages, hopefully eliminating much more pollution due to the burning of fossil fuels. Thank you for your time, and It is my hope you will help me get this idea into hands that can make its production a reality, quickly as the planet will not wait long before entering the extinction process, again. Thank you,

Jan Kunnas

Jun 3, 2015


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Sea level rise is caused primarily by two factors related to global warming: the added water from melting land ice and the expansion of sea water as it warms. Only the first one will cause the mass of sea water to increase. Regarding climate change, the warming of the oceans is a good thing. Without the amount of heat going into the oceans, the climate would be much warmer, as the oceans have captured 90% or more of the total “global warming” heat. Cooling down the oceans, by pumping out the heat into the atmosphere, would mean a warming climate.

Edgar Furtado

Dec 28, 2015


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What can I do to collaborate?

Neil Lizotte

Mar 18, 2016


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The MYT engine will run on hydrogen with water for emissions and it is the only engine in the World that when used with a pump can deliver High Volume, High Flow and High Pressure all from one engine. The MYT engine would be perfect for pumping water from the ocean depths. The MYT engine is so efficient automakers have bypassed it so they could use engines that burn more fuel too make big oil money. You can buy a MYT engine in a Russian car, as they have violated Raphial Morgado's patents. The best solution for a hydrogen supply for the engine is Solar Hydrogen Trends Symphony 7a unlimited hydrogen on-demand system, which uses water for fuel and only requires 500 watts power input from solar panels. Ocean water could be used for fuel after removing the salt with a graphene water filter from Lockheed Martin. Water could be purified with the same graphene water filter and transported by pipeline to city's for drinking, to irrigate farms and the Worlds deserts to grow food and palm trees for oil. I like your idea of pumping water from the depths of the ocean to surface for cooling.
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