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Edgar Furtado

Edgar Furtado


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I am a business partner with Acclivis Technology. Acclivis Technologies is a leading Engineering innovation provider of Embedded Systems, Hardware Design, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Platform Capabilities, System testing, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

Our high end products range from Consumer Electronics, Retail, Medical and Healthcare, Security, Surveillance, Systems, Aerospace, Defense and Research and Development.  Acclivis provides customized embedded software hardware to a wide range of industries.

At Acclivis Technologies our offer is based on a dynamic and iterative process from business insight to life cycle analysis. It is both innovative and sustainable with every user, technology and business in mind. Our agile process includes strategy, business modelling, prototyping and life cycle management.

We at Acclivis Technologies take pride in following key defined industry processes for software and development, testing, maintenance and sustenance projects.

A few of our client approved customized designed solutions with embedded platforms and system integration.

1. Safety and security - Video analytics, Bio-metrics, smart card, Camera design, solutions

2. Embedded Solutions- Porting, Optimization, Solution Design, UI, Interfaces and Integration

3. Autonomous Driving: Driver Monitoring, Road Sign/ Signal Monitoring, Traffic Monitoring, Driver Assistance while reversing the vehicle, Parking Assistance System

4. Industrial Automation: Vision based Robotic movement, conveyor belt movement analysis - counting of objects, recognition of faulty objects etc.

5. Smart lighting: based on occupancy sensor, lighting conditions, obstacles like fog / smoke/ rains

6. General solutions and development using Microsoft Technology / RTOS/ Hardware Platforms

7. Hardware Design and Re-Engineering.



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