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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Such a program might be infeasible and possibly impractical for SMEs. Number of employees at any SME is limited to allow the organization of a commute program. A better approach could be by clustering SMEs in same building and area, increase the pool of people that can participate. Designing a commute program might have many obstacles that differ from company to company and from community to the other. In addition to number of employee willing to commute, will any of them need his/her car during the day for family reasons (mom and dad always expecting emergency calls from school), are they expecting to use their car for business (meeting/ site visits etc.), if so then the company has to provide company cars which might be infeasible for many SME. The program might need to be updated on constant basis, as employees’ situation changes, who will be responsible to the update at the company and at what cost to the SME.

There are already tools out there, and solutions such as Modehopper to connect employees from transit to their destination (the gap which often deters people from not driving).

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