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ClimeDoc to achieve SDGs by Climate Advocacy International

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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea of filming a documentary on the impacts of climate change and adaptation to it is of course not new. Al Gore has made two (inconvenient truth and sequel), Leonardo De Caprio did one (before the flood). This proposal is very local, which is of course different and interesting, though there are some local films too (eg The budget appears to be very low, indicating the film might be poor quality, and that there may not be much plan to distribute the film widely (making a film is one thing, getting people to look at it a very different one). Overall, I think this is a nice and feasible idea, but not much thinking went into how it would have any impact.

I documentary about climate impacts and actions in Nepal would be fascinating and could find a wide audience. The team doesn't seems to have previous experience with film-making; the addition of a person with this type of project would be very helpful.

I agree with earlier judges that there is a strong need for story-telling. Emphasis on what is already being done to address and adapt to climate change in this region, along with information about what the film watchers could do, would be a welcome addition. This sort of story telling is clearly important, but I find it hard to judge this relative to, say, a request for funding to directly improve waste reduction, which has a measurable, demonstrable, and immediate impact. I'm suggesting that this go forward because I like the idea of story-telilng and because the funding requested is quite modest, so it wouldn't take a lot to get going. (I do wonder if that budget is realistic?)

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

This proposal and the envisaged documentary film while mainly focused on climate change impacts touches upon all SDGs. There is strong visceral message that people can relate to and thus the doc has the potential to generate impact/ awareness and behavior change. There is a growing need for the stories of people’s real-world experiences. The proposal is lacking an innovative component for how the story will be marketed, distributed and funded. Perhaps the authors would consider including a call to action for their audience.

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Dharma K.c

Feb 2, 2018


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Dear Judges,

Thank you for pointing out very important issues. We have modified the proposal by incorporating our ideas to overcome the indicated weaknesses and suggestions. 

1. Filming on various issues is a common practice but we researched and have identified very heart touching and eye-opening subject to film. This will not be a fictional documentary rather real experiences of people speak out and their stories will be shared with wider communities. We have revised the proposal and added various innovative ways that we will follow for marketing, distributing and raising necessary funds for the proposed project. It is mainly added in costs / challenges section. 

2. We have also added points on how the audience could take proper actions to improve adaptability to the climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Local people will contribute more or less on achieving sustainable development goals by changing their attitude and activities due to the influences received by watching this documentary and governments and international communities may also take proper actions by observing the real-world problems. As mentioned in the proposal, I believe, this project will generate similar wave internationally (may not be in the same scale) like the movie "An Convenient Truth" generated and it locally assists to promote more appropriate actions to adapt as well as further mitigate climate change through the participation of local communities, organizations and government.

Thanking you!