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Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

This seems to be a marketing proposal for sale of an existing product. This simplifies installation and provides indoor units that look similar to conventional a/c split systems. In principle absorption cooling offers lower electricity consumption and avoids high global warming impact refrigerants. However, its need for additional elements such as solar collectors and storage tanks (if it is to work when sun is not shining or other continuous heat sources are unavailable) adds to costs (including installation costs), space and complexity. The proposal suggests payback periods of 0-8 years. Actual energy savings are not clearly stated in the proposal. The statement in the proposal that refrigerants in conventional a/cs have GWPs over 1600 is not always correct: lower impact options including natural refrigerants are emerging. Properly designed carbon pricing (or equivalent subsidies for low impact options) could provide incentives, while demonstration projects would be needed to familiarise decision-makers in a range of climates, and for targeted applications. A stronger proposal is needed to support such interventions by governments or energy utilities.

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