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Asthe globalconcept is of low carbon and sustainablity in future solid state reactors may come into existance there may be a disaster



New development in Power production :- Solid state reactors.

as the global concept is working on low carbon economy and sustainability new power generating technologies will come into existence and "solid state reactors" may be the one which may work on concept of fusion as well as fission.

to sustain every nation will try to boost there economy and as we know economy runs on electric power at very low cost, it will build strain in various economies in different nations and a conflict of interest may develop due to economics as the economics will be driven by set of rules laid governing nations.

this may lead to disruption in the form of targeted strikes by disruptive groups and they may damage such power generating sources.

which may contaminate the environment and water by heavy salts and a uncontrollable ecological degradation condition may be created.

to avert such situation we all should create a affordable power source, clean soil and clean water source that will bring global community to a upper middle level with low carbon and sustainability concept will bloom to support every living beings of this globe



What actions do you propose?

new affordable solid state reactors for every nation at .025$USD/KWh

Who will take these actions?

Government :- Education to all , with special stress in scientific fields and health improvement.

Business:- Should reduce profit margins or distribute profits to all in a suitable manner.

Universities:- Should make scientific studies affordable and available to least developed nations.

Individuals:- should be self determined to improve health and study well so that a common level of intelligence  is achieved.

Where will these actions be taken?

Global regions.

What are other key benefits?

a peace full developed and sustainable globe that plans to make trip to moon.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Not good at economics but :- total global expenditure in five years:-

6474789758221955.2485$USD if we need solutions by 2020. else program may be stretched to 2027. 

Time line

2020 -2027

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