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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

Thank you for your proposal!

We liked how your idea is already in the pilot phase, and thought your initial recycling amount is a good start. We further liked your plan to start small and incrementally move forward. This appears to be a good proposal for a local initiative to reduce waste in the commercial sector by supplying local workforce and incentives to recycle/reuse commercial uniforms. We thought that the GHG savings may be small for each city, but felt that including human capital increases the impact. We would have appreciated a more firm budget and not merely general costs. Overall, we felt that it is a great idea with tremendous potential, and we wish you continued luck as you expand your idea further.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

This is genuinely a nice idea and a great small business but does not look to have a major environmental impact. There appears to be a trend towards reuse of post-consumer garments. Below are a few questions that you will need to answer to be a strong candidate for the finalist stage:

1. Please address the "why?' of only targeting uniforms and not a broader effort in recycling textiles in Brazilian cities.
2. What, for example, is currently being done by others with regard to textiles recycling there?
3. Additional detail on the business plan for successful implementation is needed.

Best of luck for this next round of iteration!

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Juliana Magalhaes Vilas Boas

Jun 14, 2016


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Dear Judges, 

We appreciate your comments and we fell glad to have gone through the semi-finals.

Due your feedbacks, we have adjusted the summary, the question " What actions do you propose?" and our time line. 

We hope that it suits to the questioning and we are available for any further comments.

Many thanks

Retalhar Team