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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

A focus on local impacts and solutions is valuable, however, the proposal is quite general and lacks logistical specifications around participants, speakers and locations. As anybody who's lived in local community for long time knows - it's not easy to just get up in front of your neighbors and do a 15 min TED talk-style on climate. The judges were unclear on the costs of the proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' ratings


Judges'' comments

We appreciate that the authors are thinking about how scale can paralyze action. We know that fatalism is a serious obstacle to climate action and the proposal addresses this key challenge by showing people the collective benefit of individual actions to increase their sense of self-efficacy.

Given the complexity of the issue, focusing on local impacts is an effective communications approach. It would be beneficial to expand upon the descriptions of those involved. Who are these community members who will be participating and how do they find out about the conference? Who will be invited as a speakers? Will this happen in one community or multiple locations? There is mention of subsequent meetings, will this be a regularly occurring event?

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Nathanaël Langlois

Jun 15, 2016


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Hello !

Thanks for your comment. Ulysse and I have been working on updating our proposal based on your feedback. We've modified the project description, here's an outline of what we've done:


  • Added minor project ideas
  • Answered "how will these community members find out about the conference" by adding a subsection dedicated to answer it in the "what actions do you propose" section
  • Same for "who will be invited as speakers"
  • Answered '"will this happen in one community or multiple locations" in the "where" section (-> multiple locations, but not from the start)
  • Added target city in that same section where all the testing will be done (Versailles)


We already answer the question "how often", but maybe not clearly enough. Yes, the meetings will be occuring on a regular basis, most likely once every month or 1.5 month depending on the availability of speakers. People will be notified on the app and be email of the coming up meetings.

Thanks again for taking time to think about this idea,