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Given that congress is bought by corporations and wealthy individuals, the only way they will act on climate change is from political pressure.

What actions do you propose?

We need a grassroots, populist movement called  the Climate+Prosperity Solutions Movement.

Think of it as a coalition of many different movements.

It must represent the common interests of about 90% of American  voters. We realize we must join together in solidarity to get necessary changes in our economic system, political system, and government policies. These changes will benefit us ---and the long term prosperity of the country.

We care about Values: economic fairness, real equal opportunity, social justice, environmental stewardship.

Who are we?  We’re conservatives, progressives, teachers, scientists, production workers, blacks/Hispanics/whites, business people, investors, capitalists, insurance companies, and faith organizations.

We’re also people in movements for gender equality, a living wage, civil rights, and human rights.    And some of us are anti-war, anti- population growth, anti-WallST greed,  and anti- pollution/climate change.

In short, we are everybody who isn’t extremely wealthy or doesn’t have a big stake in fossil fuel companies.

So what are our demands?

Congress must pass a “new bill of rights

(These are basic rights for all citizens, not privileges for a few)

                a. Right to have scientifically based policies in place to stop climate change  and hold CO2              to 350 ppm.

                b. Right to single-payer, affordable, basic healthcare for all.

                c. Right to public education from pre-school through trade school or college.

                d. Right to a job with a livable wage for those over 18.

                e. Right to income tax fairness. No special capital gains rate. 50% marginal rate for earnings          over $500 K /year. 75% marginal rate for earnings over $1 million/ year.

                f.  Right to a truly fair representative democracy. Publically funded elections lasting only 3   months. Consequences for untrue political statements.

                g. Right to law enforcement and criminal justice systems that are not biased against low  income      people and minorities.

This is our detailed plan:

1. plan to stop climate change. see other proposal

2. plan to make government services more effective. see other proposal

3. Plan for international trade that protects jobs, environment and climate.

        Fair trade agreements, not free trade agreements. We need to bring manufacturing back to the   U.S. by protecting our jobs the way other countries do… with  tariffs, non tariff barriers, VAT tax rebates for exports, cheap loans to exporters.

4. Plan for real financial reform which fixes a “rigged system”.

        Law breakers go to jail. Revenue raising transaction tax to discourage speculation. No stock    options. Separate commercial and investment banking. Break up the biggest  banks.  Offer              affordable commercial banking and credit cards to low income people at every Post Office (No   more pay day loans).

Implementing the bipartisan plan

  • The first step is to form a coalition leadership group of experts and icons:  tech experts like Amory Lovins and Elon Musk; climate scientists like James Hansen; icons like Oprah, Warren Buffitt and the Pope; conservative and progressive politicians; corporate CEO’s , etc
  • Once we get all the sub-groups to sign on to the coalition, the coalition leaders must then lay out the facts over and over in rallies, marches, and even paid TV “fireside chats”
  • We will educate the “90%” so they will join our movement.
  • Once petitions are signed by over 50% of voters,  we will force politicians to take action. Hopefully the President  and many congressional candidates will decide to lead the parade.
  • We will overwhelmingly elect candidates who support our plan.

Who will take these actions?

voters and congress

Where will these actions be taken?


How will these actions have a high impact in addressing climate change?

What are other key benefits?

What are the proposal’s costs?

.   A single payer healthcare system can cut cost by 40?% and would result in healthier    citizens if designed right.

.   Bringing back manufacturing jobs will help the economy and rebuild the middle  class.

.   A higher minimum wage pumps more buying power into the economy.

Increased taxes on the wealthy will quickly cut the national debt.

Time line

get action as soon as the movement is up to critical mass

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