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Antayra Mares

Jun 19, 2016


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What are the proposal’s costs?

The most important costs inherent in our business model are creating and maintaining an online platform, designing and testing the platform beyond hosting it is a plus. When the business is expanded we are going to outsource SEO and SEM team, this will give us Google Analytics and necessary data to better target audiences.The key resources that are most expensive is fixed costs (salaries, rents, and utilities) once the business expands. The launch of an online platform, social network advertising costs, and the domain fee is all it is needed to kickstart a commission-based business model.The key activities that are expected to be most costly is advertising and promotion.

Time line 

Short-term: Designer buy-in, textile manufacturer partnerships, membership acquisition, sponsorship acquisition, creating hype, increase the demand for alternative materials by 200%, continue focus on branded ad., campaigns, and social awareness programs

Begin with small-medium designers to provide near-term profits that can sustain the business as we build the relationships with larger firms who will purchasefutures on our site, while also building relationships with textile manufacturers who can deliver on these textile futures. Our goal of short-term is to create a hype, increasing the demand for alternative materials with our easy-to-buy solution. We plan to create branded content - ad., campaigns, and programs - that will convey our motivation and mission to spark materials revolution.

Medium term: Scale and Serve as a Growth Engine, On board large companies to begin financing the front end of production for the future order

In this term, will be focusing on business development based on our repeated success in short-term phase. In the medium term, we would scale the site hopefully reaching most designers. Our mission is to become an Engine for the creation of new materials. Our portal has a potential to serve as a bridge where designers can move beyond sourcing and actually begin requesting features from materials. Anyone who is interested can bring their experimental materials and present them to designers.

Long term: Materials revolution has sparked!

Led by designers who now consider all aspects of the creation in their selection of material and aided by consumer demand, The clothing and materials we see no longer servicing your functions and are able to actively at a benefit back into the environment through their use. A designer is now designing a beautiful garment with wasted fishnets, waterproof tropical leaves, and LED fibers. Sourceseed customers actively rank, comment, and share our authentic stories with the world and stay vanguards in materials revolution.

Lia Totty

Jul 25, 2016


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I am a designer interested in this concept. Tell me more.
I am a marketing director for fashion boutiques. I am trying to pursue fashion design full-time. 
If you would like to produce a collection, google Impact Fashion, I'm trying to build a fashion boutique in Northern California and need a new commitment to ingenuitive concepts.