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Avery Resor

May 20, 2016


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Dear Paul Holmes,

Thank you for submitting your proposal to the Land Use contest. I would like to remind you that you only have a few more days to update your proposal before the contest deadline of May 23rd. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Climate CoLab Land Use Fellow

Katrina Klett

Jul 18, 2016


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My name is Katrina Klett, I am the co-founder of Elevated Honey Company.  My interest was peaked by your proposal, as I have also worked in beekeeping for development training for many years, and our company aims to continue training beekeepers, marketing their honey, and using a better business model to include beekeepers in our company's growth and development.  

I hope your organization will contact us and we can talk more about your ideas, they seem to fall in line with our work.  I do need to add one correction to your proposal.

You say that in South Western China there is a lack of honeybees due to industrialization and poor land use.  Actually we have been working in SW China now since 2010, and this is not the case.  SW China has a diversity of honeybees and beekeeping is a major livelihood activity in many rural areas.  While there are problems to correct, and we are dedicated to correcting those.  Your proposal is not accurate in suggesting that pollination in SW China is done by hand, because of lack of bee species.  

We would love to talk more about this and are voting for your proposal.  Please contact us, and we would be happy to share our experience operating here in SW China.

Thank you so much,

Katrina Klett

Elevated Honey Co.

Carlos Rehder

Jun 3, 2017


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pls send us the pictures from where the bees are . we are from brazil and here we have africanized bees. very interesting