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Passive solar firewood dryer uses free heating direct from the sun.



Built passive solar firewood dryer out of 14-foot-long, four-inch-wide green cedar boards, shaped into bows on workshop floor. (The two boards in each bow are separated by blocks of 2x4.) The whole thing is covered in six millimeter, UV-treated greenhouse plastic. It’s 14 feet wide and 32 feet long and will hold eight to ten cords of firewood, a two-year supply for us.

Homemade greenhouse works well, a gothic style at least 16 feet wide had a little more room to spread out the stacks and improve airflow. Passive solar firewood drying kiln is also home to a few deer mice and meadow voles, who undoubtedly feel like they’re on a tropical vacation.  

Category of the action


Who will take these actions?


Governments, Local Government, I/NGO, ICS Companies, Communities and Individual.

What are other key benefits?

Woodshed dries wood quickly.

Affordable, fairly easy to erect, and sturdier


What are the proposal’s costs?

The whole setup cost about $400.

Time line

Within a week

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