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Create a map which shows electricity supply to particular building. Electricity meter collects data from equipments. Ventilation pushes CO2.



Create a map which shows electricity supply to a particular building. Electric field fluctuates from a power plant through transformer stations in the direction of wires. Every power plant disturbs natural balance at the place it functions (slow down the river, the wind, the height of the tides, the temperature of the surface of earth, burning of oil/gas, heat from nuclear power plants). Usage of electricity changes the balance at the place it is consumed. We can create electricity meter which knows what equipment and how transforms the electric field. (heating/cooling, rotating, sound, light). Then this device sends data to the electricity distributing network which will distribute power creating waves in the wires so that they will push the heat from the equipment to the forests and  greenhouses. Greenhouses should have a ventilation which will open and close so inhaling heat and CO2 and exhaling O2. This we should do with all greenhouses on the planet. Then we can do this with the ventilation of the buildings as well. Public buildings and offices operate at working hours and 7 day week. These timings are set to the time zone. We need to recalculate them to astronomical time of the building. Ventilation connects air inside and outside the building. The air in a room or other premises gets all frequencies of the things stored in it. We need to create real time map which shows the temperature in a room  and outside. Buildings emit heat when the temperature outside is lower than inside and vice versa. We need to create centralized automate d ventilation of all premises through windows especially ones with computers to create a whirlpool in a town to stabilize weather on the planet. Put a map with weather forecast on the map of country and regulate ventilation to get desired weather.

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from electric power sector.

What actions do you propose?

Create an open source software initiative to show production and consumption of electricity globally. Engage new global alliance for buildings and construction to develop software and hardware to regulate ventilation in buildings and greenhouses to absorb CO2 and create waves in the atmosphere to change direction of winds globally. Winds will push CO2 from towns to forests when they inhale CO2.


  1. A distance between a building and the sun decreases till astronomical noon and later it starts increasing. This changes the rays of the sun. Electricity is a fluctuating field which connects many distant points. Choose a route of electricity which will even imbalances created by production and consumption of electricity.
  2. Create a map where the axis of a map is the direction of walls i.e. turn the global map to the direction of a building. Show the angle the map is turned against the axis of rotating planet  and the angle of the magnetic field of the planet. Show the drawing of the premises, windows and ventilation of the building. Use metric measurement system as all electric measurements are based on metric system as well.
  3. Show wires, distance of the pillars from the building  and directions of wires. Wires connect pillars with straight line. Show the distance of wires in meters which are in straight line from one turn to the other.
  4. Show transformer stations and substations on the map and their astronomical time. Transformer substations change the voltage of electricity. Show their working power output in real time. Turn a map in the direction of the transformers core. When active transformers emit waves of sound and create a magnetic field in the surroundings.
  5. Create a map where the axis of a map corresponds the axis of electric power station i.e. turn a map in the direction of the rotating wheel of electric power generator. Show astronomical time of power plant. Show the source of electricity (slow down the river, the wind, the height of the tides, the temperature of the surface of earth, burning of oil/gas, heat from nuclear power plants) and the current output in Watts.
  6. Create an electricity meter which calculates astronomical time and moon phase using GPS. This electricity meter sends data about electricity usage (heating/cooling, rotating, sound, light, charging of batteries) to central server at electricity distribution network. At first do this with the premises of public buildings because there you can calculate the type of equipment and their functioning. Each equipment creates a projected whirlpool. The equipment manufacturer should create a simulating software which shows what waves are emitted in real time.
  7. Electricity distribution network shows how and where electric fields is generated how it is transmitted transformed and all value chain in real time.
  8. Show the public buildings and the buildings and premises of enterprises function on the map apart from residential buildings. Show working hours of all buildings except residential. The buildings are constructed in accordance with drawing so the indoor circuit, position of doors and windows is clear. Show in real time which premises are active where equipment consuming electricity functions and there are no supply of electricity for example stairs and warehouses. Heat is lost through walls, windows, doors in the direction of walls. The air moves in and out through windows, doors, ventilation in the direction of windows, doors and ventilation. Things and people move in and out of the premises in the direction of walls and stairs.
  9. Show the heating and cooling system (places in the building). Create a software which shows the temperature of the premises in public buildings their geometry and how the premises are united or separated in between and with the atmospheric air at the spots where automatic doors functions.
  10. We need to connect all maps with the map of weather forecast. Create a map of extreme weather forecast which needs to be cooled down. The simulation software then chooses the route of electric field and the temperature and ventilation of all premises in public buildings that the loss of heat connection and separation of air in the premises and outside will create a whirlpool to soothe the extreme weather.
  11. At first do this with one building and one electric power station. Then expand the ability of software to create maps with every building, power generating station and component of power distribution network.
  12. Plants inhale CO2 and exhale O2 during daytime. Deciduous trees inhale CO2 during summer. Show the places on the map which inhale CO2 now. Choose suitable whirlpool in the streets of towns, buildings, heat power plants.

Who will take these actions?

governments will create maps of electricity production and consumption. businesses will create the device for measuring electricity consumption and regulated ventilation of buildings and greenhouses. Universities will create simulation software for CO2 production and consumption. Then new alliance for buildings and construction should implement this regulated ventilation in greenhouses and buildings.

Where will these actions be taken?

in developed countries

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

The idea of this project is to even the imbalances of atmospheric pressure. Winds blow from places with higher pressure to the places with lower pressure. By regulating supply of electricity we can even these differences in atmosphere. By looking at CO2 consumption i.e. forests we can create winds that will push CO2 to forests and fields where crops grow when they inhale CO2 from places CO2 is produced i.e. towns.

What are other key benefits?

We can choose an activity in public buildings to create a whirlpool of heat and cold. Every dweller and worker in a building will understand how his actions influence weather on the planet.

What are the proposal’s costs?

Time line

1 year to

Create a feature of a map to turn in the direction of the walls of the premise or any part of electricity transmitting system.
Create a weather simulation and electricity production and consumption software.

Create a map with drawings of the premises and parts with ventilation.

Create a software for the device to simulate produced waves.

1 year for testing the system

2-5 years for  implementation.

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