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Vishal Bhavsar

Mar 15, 2016


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Dear Team,

The proposal is woven around a really nice concept of low carbon buildings. The focus of climate action in initial years was focussed on industrial GHG reductions and now other sectors are getting its due focus on GHG reductions. As rightly put buildings are one of the major contributors of GHG emission and its related climate change.

The proposal can be sharpen further by looking at below points:

1. The scope of proposal. 

The proposal has given broad strategies on going towards low carbon buildings. Can the scope be more specific on lets say 'energy efficient technologies' or 'low carbon material'

2. Boundary

Can you look at specific geography like a province or city. This will help you build specific actions items and also identify relevant stakeholders

3. Cost & Timeline

Please include the cost and timeline for the proposal

These are my few initial comments. All the best and keep building the proposal.