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Akshat Agarwal

Apr 3, 2016


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Hi parvenbd1!

Firstly, welcome to the aviation contest and thanks for being the first to submit a proposal for this contest!

Biofuels in generally are an incredible opportunity to cut out a significant proportion of aviation's (and generally transportation's) Carbon emissions, so the concept may have exception impact. I think this proposal is an excellent start, but it seems to be extremely general, developed primarily for transportation as a whole. Are there any specific challenges you think will be present in the aviation industry that may be particular important or difficult to address? It may be worth targeting the aviation industry more directly in the proposal.

Great Job!

Ashley Pilipiszyn

May 11, 2016


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Great idea, but lacking in clarity and specifics. As aagarwal93 mentions in his above comment, the proposal is a bit general. Are there any countries or airlines you would first want to target or work with? Also, if I understood correctly, you are promoting rice bran biofuel as the intervention - you should make this clear throughout the entire proposal as sometimes it is unclear when you are speaking about all biofuels in general or the rice bran biofuel specifically.Check out these two articles for some more specifics on rice bran biofuels: and

Also this link could have some related info for your proposal in relation to aviation:

Hope this helps! :)