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The challenge in getting people to understand WHY segregate is bigger than HOW. WHY has a MILLION reasons can you add to make it a BILLION.



Today the waste management across every category of life is our biggest challenge. It just does not become a priority in the way our lives are lead. There are many obstacles and practical ends to this challenge. Now to move forward the constant focus has always been about the HOW to segregate and not enough about the emotional WHY. I believe that if we can reach deep inside each person's heart and tell them a million reasons of WHY this is important for all us, then I am sure a desire to know HOW will be the next spirited question in everybody's mind.

The wide and people participative part of this concept is towards building a list of reasons as to WHY it is important. 

A growing list of MILLION can be shared and ask people to join with their reasons for WHY segregate to make it a BILLION.

The role of Corporate Brands will come in using this as a common creative icon - Y segregate. Take it to every desk and every corner of their organisations asking people to throw in one Y segregate answer. Also reach Schools & Institutions and asking all of them to share it with their families.

The people campaign proceeds first with images and videos being built to show this cause in appropriate & inspiring light for people to join in.

Post this stage it becomes a interesting process as people can take images and videos to show WHY segregate and share it. This will empower it deep down.

MILLION reasons to a BILLION reasons 

Y segregate.

Category of the action

Reducing emissions from waste management

What actions do you propose?

The key voluntary organisations in the segment of waste segregation need a campaign that can connect all Corporate's, Schools, Institutions and common citizens to the cause. This can be the action by Corporate's and all other stakeholders across the board - adopted in the right spirit to make it effective.

All corporations dealing with their own parameters of self regulation and government regulations in terms of waste management will find in this a huge education prospect for key segregation of various waste material especially in the developing world.

Who will take these actions?

Non Governmental Organisation with large scale Corporate Partners can make this a possibility.

They will help bring answers to - Do you know Y segregate

Where will these actions be taken?

All countries can adopt this. Especially developing nations with extreme challenges to reach people with WHY segregate.

What are other key benefits?

The beautiful aspect of this is - it begins by saying we have a list of reasons "Y" segregate. This "Y" in its single state will also be designed like a tree.To bring the quick co-relation to environment. 

This tree will in design as "Y" also will be contemporary always in time - as it will have the backdrop of any prevalent ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUE as the quick visual connect for "Y"SEGREGATE.

The important outcome of the campaign that will be a part of the visual design kit / media is - 

It begins by saying "Y" Segregate. 

"Y" we have a Million reasons... Can you join and make it a Billion.

Once people join adding their point of view to "Y" segregate the enrichment begins with a positive spirit.

In conclusion they will say in form a PLEDGE.

I now know Y segregate.

The I to Y is the journey.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

This will have a huge impact. The amount of emissions can really be reduced effectively.

What are the proposal’s costs?

The costs are towards directing this campaign and across building media material for diverse mediums.

Connecting the world with the idea campaign to make it effective across the last mile.



Time line

This campaign never ends. This begins & grows to be the strongest movement empowering each of us...  each day. Each new challenge of waste segregation will be included & from million reasons to a billion reasons "Y" segregate.

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