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To Reduce The emission of Greenhouse Gases and Improve Energy Efficiency using Automated and Remote Computerized Systems.



This project is aimed at improving living standards by reducing electricity bill costs and conserving energy at places of work and stay for the national Grid and also reduce the emission of green house gases. It will also improve comfortability and safety with relation to the use of appliances.

What actions do you propose?

  1. Educating individuals on the need to save energy and how far every individuals actions will go to save the nations economy and electricity grid and reduce the usage of generators and other machinery that emit green house gasses into the atmosphere that results in depletion of the environment.
  2. Smart Devices like the one in the project can be inculcated into newly manufactured electricity meters to monitor users daily or weekly power consumption to enable the power company to determine which areas consume alot of power and device ways to curb and control the situation to safe levels.
  3. Since the Meters can be monitored, users that use less energy over a certain period of time should be given some percentage of the energy they saved back by given them discount on their next bills.

Who will take these actions?

  1. The Government( Ministry Of Education) - Educating individuals on the need to save power.
  2. Electricity or Power Company - Implement the Smart Systems in New manufactured electricity meters and offer incentives in the form of discount to users who consume less power.
  3. Us(Team Alpha) - Build this system(Hardware and Software) and offer maintenance training power company workers.

Where will these actions be taken?

These action can be taken in any of the countries in question, since this project is based on the internet of things.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

When these system is implemented, there will be more power available on the national grid and hence enough for export to support the economy and reduce the use generators and large plants that emit dangerous gasses in the case of Ghana especially.

There will also be more fuel in the countries in question and hence less oil drilling since the available fuel will be adequate.

What are other key benefits?

Land Preservation since oil drilling that deplete the environment will be less.

Less ozone layer Depletion

less greenhouse gases

Global warming will be curbed slowly or gradually

What are the proposal’s costs?

since this project incorporates the use of microcontrollers and RF links, the project is under 46 US Dollars. In the near future, electronics producing companies like "ada fruit" etc can be contacted to reduce the single computer board such as arduino to its basic components to save some money and hence reduce its size and price.

Time line

In the next few years electricity power companies will be able to monitor these homes, businesses and other firms to enable them to know areas where power consumption is high and develop models or methods to control the situation. On long term basis, the power companies will have enough revenue to implement more efficient transformers or build more dams at over the over 10 potential dam sites in Ghana especially.

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