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Vishal Bhavsar

Jun 13, 2015


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Thanks for the proposal. The concept as you rightly mentioned have been preached by Auroville and other similar institutions. So what is the difference in approach that will propagate adoption of this preaching. Regards, Vishal

Suuhas Tenddulkar

Jun 13, 2015


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Hi This proposal tries to bring together different alternative philosophies from fields such as economy, ecological movement and religion together to create a more broader worldview that have the potential to actually transform the current socio-economic fabric. Auroville is one of these philosophies but there are equally persuasive arguments and movements that use alternative economic models or eco-logic to support a transition to an alternative paradigm. Currently these schools of thought work in isolation and there could be rich learning from amalgamating these alternative outlooks to form a more integrated and practical world view; at least a transition system that can slowly pave the way for a more comprehensive alternative. Even more importantly, I believe that involvement of actors from these backgrounds can only enrich and strengthen the alternative movement and would be an important step in our fight against climate change.