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Sustainable Activity Centres by Join us in the SAC

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Hemant Wagh

Mar 17, 2015


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Would you try to incorporate a rather non-capitalistic approach into your proposal ! Link is below,

Claire Greenhalgh

Mar 30, 2015


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Economy is a driving force for behavior.... value is placed on the dollar so why cant sustainability be an industry that creates a financial profit for those involved...tell me why it should be done purely by the good will of people? The entire industry, like fitness and nutrition, needs to have a higher value (a dollar figure) placed on it and it needs to be driven by the "consumer" in a world that is directed (and basically lived) in a capitalistic approach.... the fact that it does not have a financial figure placed on it is IMO a significant reason for the lack of luster regarding the general 'consumer'. You want more ppl involved and wanting to be active in 'sustainable' practices... make it appealing, use the tools of modern marketing and capital ventures to "invest" in its success... so, in short, No.

Hemant Wagh

Apr 7, 2015


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Industry works for profit measured in economic terms, economy is just a part of wider society and the planet earth and its not the other way round, human society and the planet have survived without the modern marketing and capital ventures for god knows since how long! Modern marketing and capital ventures would not survive without the other two. Hence my request!

Peter Suchmann

Apr 9, 2015


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I see many eco fairs and green festivals attempting to do what you are doing. When i go0 it is is a lot of good people preaching to the believers. The people who attend these festivals and exhibitions are for the most part eco consumers and "greenies" who are looking to expand their efforts and to look for new products and ideas and events to support. They do not however attract the mainstream of people who are not ecologically minded and who do not seek out new and innovative green solutions. I work with an environmental group and we set up a table at a sports stadium for a hockey game and had a terrible response. We were totally ignored by the demographic that was there for a sports event and obviously not anything else. Perhaps the answer is to get the sports teams to endorse the products and ideas and green efforts. Then perhaps the green ideas and efforts will be more alluring to the general masses. Sports figures and athletes can carry a lot of sway- in influencing kids and adults to change their ways.

Jennifer Perron

Jun 10, 2015


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Hello Claire, Thanks for your proposal to the Climate CoLab. I'm one of the catalysts, helping provide comments and feedback, in an effort to help strengthen proposals. Thank you for sharing your proposal and pilot project for a Sustainable Activity Center. A few brief suggestions you could include in your description: A) It would be helpful to reference the location of the pilot center earlier (e.g., in the initial summary section). You could add a few more sentences there about the pilot so people can visualize it. B) While you note that clearly costs would be variable based on the location of particular centers, you could add some information regarding the initial costing for your pilot in Australia to provide some scale. C) You could add some references or links to similar types of venues that may already be in existence in other regions. Thanks for your contribution.

Stevie Harison

Jun 12, 2015


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Hello from Indonesia, Good luck for your project proposal. Just review and make it completed before meet deadline tomorrow. Thank you,