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Adam Sacks

Jun 6, 2015


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Hi Kevin - I applaud your proposal. You are addressing an essential issue with climate change, which is ultimately the result of the destruction of ecosystems and loss of biodiversity. A couple of comments: As a civilization we are collectively ignorant of the power of biology to transform the earth. Therefore those of us in the eco-restoration business are frequently thwarted by techno-science that dismisses the almost 4 billion years of planetary experience with creating life. I think we can now state with a high degree of certainty that there is a very strong case for restoring billions of acres of degraded land worldwide and that gigatons of carbon can be stored in soils, enough to regenerate a healthy global landscape. And bring atmospheric carbon down to pre-industrial levels. When conditions are right it can happen with exceptional speed, as many land managers will attest. Right now the science is scurrying to catch up to practical realities, and it is making definite progress. There is a palpable difference in the literature in just the past year. The trend is very clear, and we need to regenerate healthy ecosystems to reverse global warming with all possible haste. The benefits aside from climate, as you have pointed out, are so broad and inexpensive that eco-restoration is a profound moral imperative. This proposal is a significant step in the right direction. Thank you again for bringing it to CoLab's attention, and best of luck in the contest! Best wishes, Adam

Gary Olsen

Nov 1, 2015


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Here are some great videos of projects that are proving the success of nature, food production and humans mimicking nature.