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Hemant Wagh

Oct 2, 2014


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Hi, I have a theme related to your proposal. Kindly go through it and see if you can utilize it. Thanks. link---

Laur Hesse Fisher

Dec 16, 2014


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Hi Dave, Thank you for your proposal. As it is a suggestion for a project, and not a suggestion for a Climate CoLab contest, I have moved it to the Proposal Workspace, where you can continue to develop it and work on this idea with peers. ~~ Laur Fisher for the Climate CoLab team

Paul Guire

May 13, 2015


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Dave I am doing this in India with Ag waste management....we are using our ownproprietary Pyrolysis system that has unique abilities to run with various feedstocks. Im just about to enact some crop field trials using the Biocahr alone, laced with an organic fertiliser. Combined with a compost and of couse a control. Uniquely we can get economic amounts of syngas which we convert to renewable power, as well as some vinegars and tars. We ae not only keen to devleop soil amendment uses but going beyond but maintaining sequestration we feel it's use in the construction industry would be groundbreaking. I can't open your presentation so cannot see what angles you are approaching from but thanks for highlighting what appears a not so well known topic.Hopefuly this site and all of everyones efforts to bring Biochar to the fore will be rewarded.