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A double walled crucible, between which hydrogen will be re-combined in a piston type set up, to heat the crucible enough to melt steel.



1. To use a double walled tungsten or Iridium crucible to melt metals using hydrogen re-combining to heat the crucible to up to 5000 degrees F.

2. The crucible will contain a piston type set up  on the outside walls, that will explode superheated steam upon recombination, and open the piston to release this superheated steam into the interior of the crucible.  Thus, heating it hot enough to melt steel and other metals.

3. Further the crucible will contain a pressure valve that will release the superheated excess steam into a boiler system that will be used to produce electricity, either by itself, or in combination with the hydrogen thermal mass oven as explained in the contest - Energy Supply.  This electricity wil be used to run and power the foundries processes.

4. The need for large amounts of Hydrogen and oxygen will be addressed by the hydrogen generation machine as explained in the contest as explained in - Energy Supply.  

What actions do you propose?

1. Have to build new, or re-furbish existing foundries to change the heat source from the very polluting "coke" base used now, to clean hydrogen fuel. 

2. This idea, and the thermal mass oven idea would make these foundries power systems clean and cheap. 

Who will take these actions?

Foundries and metal working factories.

Where will these actions be taken?


How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

Possibly by 100%. 

What are other key benefits?

clean hydrogen energy as compared to highly polluting use of coal and coke.


What are the proposal’s costs?

???  no idea.

Time line


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