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Provide MIT Alumni and public with a list of actionable high-impact climate actions



Talking about climate change  and taking action are two different things.   MIT Alumni can play an import role in actually taking action, but they need to know what those actions are, their impact, and how to take action.

This proposal is a simple website with a simple list of high-impact climate actions that can be accessed online, subscribed to, and provided to national and world media on a regular basis.

Suggested List Content:

  • Title
  • Pitch
  • Action Category
  • Geographic Region
  • One page Executive Summary
  • MIT estimated benefits and impact


Suggested Categories:

  • Letters to U.S. Congress, China, India, of European Union
  • Letters to other International Governments and Organizations
  • Investment Opportunities - Seed Capital
  • Investment Opportunities – Funding Rounds
  • Investment Opportunities – Mature
  • Donations – New Non-profits
  • Donations – Existing Non-profits
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Recommended Lifestyle Changes


To limit the number of items and the time to moderate, the list could be limited to MIT projects and startups, Climate Colab contest winners, and other actionable MIT environmental initiatives.

What actions do you propose?

This contest will be open until through January 29th and suggestions on list content or how best moderated would be appreciated.

The programming is pretty simple and could be quickly done.  A programmer may want to contact Clmate Colab and go ahead and do it for review.   The real decision is how to moderate the list.    

If you would like to add to this proposal please request to join the team with an idea of what you want to add.