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What is a clean, scalable energy solution to what ails our species and the environment worth? More than we the people ever thought possible.



How to change everything humans (society and industries) know about energy and wastes? Help humanity end "crapitalism" and stop using the environment as a dump for whatever doesn't serve someone's bottom-line interests. This (and that) is how you, we, us, them and they will change everything, including our relationship to the environment, and we'll ultimately find that change wasn't nearly as painful or expensive as it sounded at first.

120+ octane, patented, EPA-approved higher mixed alcohol fuel is the next-generation alcohol fuel formula designed to do the work of petroleum without the nasty side effects, like filthy emissions, pollution and wars for oil. Here's the water-soluble, biodegradable alcohol fuel the world is ready to drop into all types of internal combustion engines, gasoline and diesel varieties, without modification. Higher mixed alcohol fuel (a synthetic blend of linear, normal alcohols) contains about 60% more BTUs per unit volume than C1 methanol, and nearly 20% more BTUs than ethanol. Drop it into any gas or diesel engine as a 5-30% blendstock or as a total petroleum substitute in flex-fuel vehicles and go.

What actions do you propose?

What can MIT alumni and other folks with big brains do that few others can do, at least not without remedial training in chemistry, finance, climate science and the humanist aspects of simply knowing when it's time to drop all pretense and do what absolutely needs to be done? MIT people can wrap their heads around the science and chemistry of higher mixed alcohol fuel and its zero-emission, closed-loop fuel synthesis process, and put the pieces together in their minds to understand how this new, disruptive alcohol fuel formula just might be the greatest thing since sliced bread, super efficient solar panels, the Pope's encyclical and micro-brewed beer. 

Bioroot Energy is developing the first demo-scale higher mixed alcohol fuel projects. In the entire terrestrial universe. What is higher mixed alcohol fuel? In the U.S. Department of Energy report, “Combustion Characteristics of Higher Mixed Alcohol/Gasoline Blends,”  higher mixed alcohols added to gasoline produced significantly improved fuel quality. Higher mixed alcohols enhanced gasoline octane and decreased engine emissions. The addition of higher mixed alcohols gave better results than adding individual alcohols such as methanol or ethanol to gasoline.[1]

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Higher mixed alcoholGTL synthesis technology cleanly and efficiently converts carbon feedstocks into finished, market-ready alcohols in two steps:

1. Syngas Production:

Steam Reformation of Natural Gas (Methane) and CO2

Steam Reformation cleanly converts any form of methane or methane/CO2  combination into syngas composed of carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reacting steam at high temperature with the feedstocks.


Gasification of Solid and Liquid Wastes, Biomass, Coal, Petroleum Coke  

Gasification is also a thermal-conversion process. It cleanly converts solid and liquid carbonaceous materials into syngas by reacting raw materials (feedstocks) at high temperature with a controlled, reduced amount of oxygen and/or steam.

2. Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) Catalysis:

Syngas derived from either of the above front-end methods is then processed through a GTL reactor to produce clean, water-, oil-, and coal-soluble alcohols. The blended fuel formula can then be sent directly to fuel markets or separated (fractionated) into its constituent single alcohols for producing a wide variety of value-added products for the biochemicals industry.