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Uniting to successfully combat climate change requires a very visible and appropriate mechanism though which the actions can be achieved.



 A UN Climate Change Response Program to restore reflectivity and shading to 1960 levels is to be set up with the backing of the Security Council. It is necessary because the present disparate projects are not sufficiently significant to attract the world's attention and are failing to solve the problem.

Furthermore, the UNFCCC is incapable of leading the recovery because it cannot fully work out the science of mitigation, and still does not include sustaining ice in the definition, and despite that ice and snow loss accounts for about half of warming annually.

The Secretariat cannot see that a consequence can also be a cause, and that cause can be mitigated separately.

The Secretariat does not recognise the value of the re-glaciation already occurring or how essential it is to now look at all valley glaciers to assess their suitability for conservation or restoration.

The Secretariat does not understand that there is not enough time to solely focus on emission reduction and sink enlargement, and stress financial considerations when asked to also consider sustaining ice. 

As most people do not know why the climate is changing, only that it is, and do not know how they can contribute to reversing the changes, the first priority is to inform them of the Program and ask for their help.

The second priority is to provide an easy way of receiving their donations and the donations of governments and corporations in order to properly pay the poorest people to do much of the work.

The third priority is to instate a management to coordinate the work.

The key actions to be taken are:-

Requesting the Security Council to inform all Member States that they should require their banks and post offices to use their media outlets to advertise the Program.

Providing DVD and poster material suitable for the advertisement, the information including how to use the banks and post offices to transfer donations to a single fund - perhaps the GCF.

Organising the UN infrastructure worldwide to function as a means of following through the Management's directives, work which will include arranging people living in the refugee camps, and in the slums, to become a properly paid environmental work force, capable of fertilising, re-vegetating and reforesting denuded land so that bare soil no longer releases carbon di-oxide or absorbs heat for want of shading, and also capable of re-glaciating ice bereft rock so that the temperature reduces by as much as 18C, and ice reforms, and as the World Bank funded Peruvian Andes project shows.

Where necessary, as in places like Libya and Afghanistan, setting up eco enclaves, that is protected areas of land for this work to proceed, and defended by UN Peace Keeping Forces, areas which also accommodate self sustaining communes, with the effect that they slowly but surely becomes sustainable rather than conflict torn, and where young people have an opportunity to work together rather than fight each other.

The UN has asked the NGOs for a strategy, which means they don't have one, and the NGOs would have given a strategy, if they had one, so they haven't one. This means the above strategy is all there is, and that makes it entirely desirable. 

As with an earlier contest, you decide that this one is not solely for the ideas of the contestants, which again forces me to abandon it.

But please don't forget, if you abandon promoting the above strategy, you will be contributing to abandoning the world to its fate.

By maintaining the responses should primarily regional rather than global, you will be contributing to denying what should be THE GREATEST INTERNATIONALLY COOPERATIVE EVENT EVER.

As indicated earlier, the UN is looking for strategy, and I think that refutes your opinion that the UN is incapable or does not wish to take responsibility for this task.

You should let me know when you have a contest which fits a global purpose.




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