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It's nearly too late. Skip to minute 11 to understand why ---> -------- Now read on. .



We are in fact, already way past the 1.5 C global temperature rise, and rapidly closer to 2 C globally. That's the likely tipping point. Runaway global warming.

Paul Beckwith explains the real situation.
Skip to minute 11 to get to the main point --->

We're going to have to figure out how to transfer heat into space, and how to conduct cold from space.
And real quick.

Any engineers out there know if the quality of ‘cold’ can be transferred from from a cold place into a warm place (without transferring air)

For example, a similar concept may be possible in the ocean, using the heat differential to create energy, but can the cold actually be conducted into a warm place? It should easy to transfer heat (ground level atmosphere temperature) to a cooler place (space), but can cold be transferred to a warmer space (without moving air)

We'll need to build several space-elevators around the world, especially in the Arctic where it is warming the most. Now.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

We'll need to build several space-elevators around the world, especially in the Arctic where it is warming the most. 

You'll need to arouse the international community to the project.

You will need to do it.

Who will take these actions?

M.I.T , along with other institutions around the world, and governments and industry will have to do it. It will have to be a worldwide effort bigger than World War 2, and with more urgency.

Where will these actions be taken?

Canada, Alaska, Russia, China, Europe, Africa, South America, India.

What are other key benefits?

Non-polluting exploration of near-space.
(Elon Musk is polluting the atmosphere with his obsolete toys.)

What are the proposal’s costs?

200 billion dollars.

Time line

You need to start immediately, we are so close to runaway global warming, it is nearly too late. Start now. International effort. Now.

Related proposals


See raft of references on this page --->

See raft of references on this page --->

There is no time left. 
Direct syphoning of heat into space, and cold into lower atmosphere is the only way now.

Additional information about Space Elevators

Tommy Barlow