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Olivine is known to sequester CO2. Use Olivine to replace sand, pebbles and as a Magnesium-source. Another use to replace lime



Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Use Olivine in the following applications:

- replace lime (lime a CO2 source).

- replace sand

- replace pebbles.

Who will take these actions?

The current users of sand, pebbles can easily replace the existing material (i.e. basalt, granite, normal sand) with Olivine.


Where will these actions be taken?

What are other key benefits?

-1- Replacement of existing material

-2- Sequestration of CO2

-3- Magnesium and alkalaninty release.


What are the proposal’s costs?



Other negative effects: Olivine contains Nickel. So the release and behavior has to be monitored (but can easily be calculated up-front of the application)


Time line

Short term:

- establish a few reference projects. Monitor these projects.

Medium term:

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