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CO2 is swept away to space by the solar wind. By using existing technology so CO2 escapes through the Polar Cusp holes, or as a “Firebreak”



Photo is from the International Space Station . Could be used as a “Firebreak” on the “high-seas” releasing the energy of a hurricane before it becomes a threat to humans. It must be made a competition between willing nations with a clear reward as motivation. Many technologies exist and all have their merit. But to rapidly rescue our ship calls for drastic action. Those methods that exist in nature already can be leveraged with current technologies. For example, CO2 is swept away to space by the solar wind and flares at the Polar Cusp. By amplifying these natural events we may eject CO2 by coordinating lasers and microwaves and resonant frequency of the ionosphere on concentrations of CO2 so they may reach escape velocity to space. Satellites and Tesla Towers to magnetically interrupt the Earth's protective magnetic field temporarily to let the Sun erode CO2 and Methane to space. Directing the CO2 and Methane to space in the direction of Antarctica would be beneficial. Also an idea to compliment is to store CO2, which freezes at -78* C in Antarctica. So Antarctica would be a natural  place to receive the CO2 for storage that is sequestered or filtered from the atmosphere. Once stored here it would be released to preserve the proper PPM in the atmosphere as determined by all nations. Minimal energy would be needed in this process since it occurs naturally. An alternative would be to let it freeze in orbit around the Earth. This may serve as a deflector for meteors and temporarily block the Suns rays providing ethereally cloud like shade.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

The use of the similar equipment in the links below of which some may be classified.

Geoenginering solution. send CO2 to space. Satellites ?? magnetically interrupt Earth's protective magnetic field temporarily to let Sun erode CO2 to space over oceans.(Firebreak) ~~| Look here deflect asteroids?

Who will take these actions?

Governments with this existing technology, United Nations, and private industry. The winner of the successful methods may request a tax on other countries though the United Nations based on their ability to pay. Similar to this You Tube video...

Where will these actions be taken?

Worldwide with the equipment in the link below.


Directing the CO2 toward the Antarctica where gravity will recollect. Some CO2 will drift to space as it normally does during atmospheric erosion.

What are other key benefits?

Unprecedented effort will be made similar to President Kennedy's race to the Moon. Political opposition within individual countries is expected so the "Climate Control" award will be given to the country that develops it first. The United Nations may request a tax on other countries to maintain the infrastructure that was developed and researched by the founding country.

What are the proposal’s costs?


Time line

5-15 years~validation, funding and implementation on a larger scale than what already exists today. 

15-50 years ~ Gigatons of CO2 will be stored. Climate will be maintained adjusted as necessary.

50-100 years~release of CO2 after devastating Solar Flares erode CO2 from our atmosphere may become necessary to insure the survival of plants and in turn, our survival.

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