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Address both ocean acidification and future energy shortages with a properly implemented nuclear renaissance.



Point out to the western world's decision makers that there's another way that a properly implemented nuclear renaissance could address the problems generated by mankind's addiction to fossil fuels; i.e., "neutralize" the CO2 responsible for ocean acidification while simultaneously absorbing it from the atmosphere by simply scattering powdered basalt into the oceans.  This is necessary because the people currently responsible for both nuclear reactor & nuclear fuel cycle development are not acting in a fashion which will give humanity anything capable of addressing any such issues over the long term.

Category of the action


What actions do you propose?

Basically this proposal invokes grinding basalt (an intrinsically basic rock constituting the bulk of many volcanic island chains) to Portland cement- sized particles with nuclear powered rock grinders & then distributing it into the seas by augering it into the propeller wakes  of ships.  This would simultaneously neutralize acid and (eventually) precipitate out a carbonate-bearing "mud"  which will end up settling to the bottom.  Its  fertilization effect (rock particle dissolution would also release/supply  trace elements that limit ocean productivity) would further enhance CO2 "sequestration" by enhancing organic "fallout" to the seabed as well. 

My actions will be to continue to try to convince US decision makers that solutions to big "technical" problems like this one will require an equally  big commitment  to change how they're going about "trying" to develop a sustainable/affordable nuclear fuel cycle.

Anyone wishing to see a more complete description of the hows and whys of this proposal can read a paper I've just written (last posting) at



Who will take these actions?

probably no one other than myself will "act" upon this suggestion

Where will these actions be taken?

probably here at home

What are other key benefits?

save humanity from "human nature"

What are the proposal’s costs?

many dollars

Time line

to be developed

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