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Joellen Raderstorf

Jan 19, 2016


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Your plan is well thought out and makes sense. Young people are born change agents. Because the contest will be implemented in Boulder, Colorado, I'm wondering if your proposal could be modified to bring together students in Boulder with students in African cities to have a club together and talk about their respective opportunities and challenges? A sister-school club type of set-up? 

I look forward to more dreaming and scheming. 

Heather Henfrey

Jan 22, 2016


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Hi there,

I love Joellens idea of a sister-club! This would be a great way for students to learn about other communities and their environmental challenges, as well as practice cooperating across borders to implement solutions.

David Michael, I can see that you have drawn on your vast experience organizing your group the Global Initiative for Food Security and Ecosystem Preservation for this proposal!

I look forward to hearing more of what comes of this- please keep me posted!


Heather Henfrey

Billie Wilson

Mar 18, 2019


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That's an amazing idea you have here! I'm a student myself, and I totally support this contest. I'm interested in how it will be realized in the future. I hope it will, though. I think nowadays there are not enough special clubs at schools and colleges that can help the environment. I know a lot of people interested in making something good for the Earth. I also recommend everyone to learn more at WriteAnyPapers. That's a great educational service for any student and can help you to come up with different proposals, especially the ones on environment topic.