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Establishment of energy + + Buildings in a sustainable style of construction, currently wood - 100% renewable energy supply (electric, heat)



SonnenCityProjekte - nachhaltig-ökologisch-regenerativ

In Berlin-Weissensee this sustainably built energy + + project arises, exclusively powered with renewable energy. A total of 9 wing houses, 4 duplex apartments and 7 penthouse apartments arise in a quiet southfacing surraounding with secluded  terraces, as well as 7 commercial units are aligned to the street. Every resident can live in the middle of the city and at the same time with intimate secluded garden. Space and energy saving construction style protects directly and indirectly surfaces and mobility-related energy consumption and thus the wallet of the user. With our SonnenCityProjects the energy efficiency of buildings through innovative architecture, new technology, new urbanism and a new social and economic concept has been optimized. This concept produces a lot more energy than the house itself needs. This applies not only for thermal energy, but also for electrical energy. We want to use only renewable and emission-free energy sources. (Solar, geothermal, wind, etc.) Excess energy can be sold or used for own vehicles. Moreover, our face-saving design reduces directly and indirectly area-and mobility-related energy consumption in attractive locations. With SonnenCityHouses a neighborhood always remains sustainable because only sustainable ways of thinking have been used. We let our users participate on the optimization process. Due to our participation in technical, design , environmental, social and economic terms, before, during and after manufacture, the district remains consistently stable. We want to revive the almost forgotten forms of communication in a dormant inner cities' architectural language of our citizens. This generates high social stability, and supports our civil society.

What actions do you propose?


By using synergetic effects with the combination of different technologies, e.g. the combination of photovoltaic with solar thermal systems in hybrid modules, in connection to heat pumps and the solar ice system as storage techniques. A further increase in efficiency can be reached.

This process not only cuts the investment- and operating costs, but it also creates a “second rent” in the future, if the concept produces an energy surplus.  

The use of synergetic effect, through the combination of technical aspects,  demonstrably leads to an huge increase of energy efficiency.
This is developed and represented by SonnenCityProjekte.

Furthermore, through our “operating level III”, there is a possible increase of the synergetic effects by further 50% to100%, assured that further disciplines from the areas of urban development, architecture, traffic and economy  are integrated.

On this basis SonnenCityProjekte has developed building types, with an energy surplus that can be sold or be used for mobility.

Calculated on the annual average, these building produce about twice as much electrical energy than the consumption of its inhabitants.

In addition to the energetic concept there are other concepts of similar importance and with a holistic approach. 


-       further increase of energy efficiency by synergetic effects

-       possible decrease of state subsidies

-       afford of a second income/rent for the owner

-       more affordable energy supply

-       emission free

-       no heating of the city climate

-       Avoidance of CO2

-       Afford real alternatives for families from the moving outside the city centre

-       Revival of the city centres

-       Integration and blend of all social ranks, cultures and generations.

Less area consumption economically means less traffic. This leads to less energy consumption and short driving time for the inhabitants.

The SonnenCityProjekte-concept succeeded in developing a mainly positive area balance of so called “green surfaces”, despite of high density and utilisation.

In this way the city climate can be influenced positively. Specific combinations of technologies in the right context breed to economical synergetic effects. For example electric vehicles can be used very efficiently. But the charging process of the vehicles though, should not be without control (because of theft, vandalism etc.). SonnenCityProjekte affords attractive, easy and comfortable  solutions. Everyone can get over the garage into the house and can “fill up” the car at the same time. Up to now this is “normal” for suburban areas – but not for the high-concentrated inner city areas with attractive non visible gardens etc.


-       Positive influence on the city climate

-       Increase of energy efficiency by synergetic effects of an whole concept

-       Avoidance of CO2

-       Emission free

-       More affordable energy supply for every kind of energies( electricity-heat-mobility)

-       -  re-naturation of suburban areas

-       Very attractive habitation in the city centre with non visible gardens

-       Revival of the city centre without subsidies

-       “gas station” at home (every electrical socket)

-       less traffic

-       more leisure time through less time in the daily traffic jam

-       safeguarding the future of the traffics without subsidies

-       integration of renewable energy systems for the traffic without subsidies

-       a very operative copycat-effect is possible

-       settlement of new trade without subsidies


SonnenCityProjekte has developed new tools to avoid the steadily increasing segregation. The SonnenCityProjekte-system combines habitation, work, recreational-, shopping-, social- and mental institutions with kindergartens, schools, and nursing homes.  A sound mix of people for the advantage of generations,

cultures, social levels, „ill“ and „healthy“ residents makes the quarter stable and liveable. Urban property developments are very expensive, particularly for developments with politically and economically affected aims. But the official disbursements of the ​SonnenCityProjekte developments stay conceivably low.

SonnenCityProjekte is affected by the capital of the future inhabitants of the quarter.


-       Increase of energy efficiency by synergetic effects of a whole concept

-       Avoidance  of CO²

-       The concept uses new tools without subsidies for the avoidance of the increasing segregation

-       Revitalization of the inner city without subsidies

-       Existing problem areas can be refurbished without subsidies

-       More responsibility for the individual

-       SonnenCityProjekte ensures the stability of a quarter

-       A culture with an increasing participation without subsidies will be created

-       Fortification of the civil society without subsidies

-       A very operative copycat-effect is possible

-       settlement of new trade without subsidies

Basically only two procedures remain for the reorientation of the market on renewable energies:

 The individual technologies can continuously be brought to market. The advantage is that the technologies would partially be well advanced and tested.

The disadvantage is, that the technologies as a niche product without an holistic use of synergetic effects could experience just a slow economic upswing.

The integration of many disciplines has the downside, that the process becomes very complex and not short notice-, but medium-term realizable.

However the chance that regenerative energies affect the energy market on a long-term perspective is considerably high.

 SonnenCityProjekte has the opportunity to organize both procedures simultaneously.

Due to the intelligent use of „waste energy“ and the connected use of “regenerative energy sources” the following can be achieved:

-          an extensive increase of the energy efficiency,

-          a drastic lowering of the CO² emission,

-          more local food cultivation and consumption,

-          an improvement of the air in our cities,

-          regenerative energies become affordable,

-          the habitual mobility remains affordable,

-           improvement of the quality of life,

-          innumerable jobs develop for the internal market and the export

-          the dependency on gas and oil declines

-           in short: free, better and healthy living

By the intelligent involvement of those willing to built and the hence connected assignment of capital and creative commitment, based on the increase of energy efficiency and the synergetic effects of a technical, economical, social, creative, ecological overall concept, we can:

refurbish problem areas and assure the stability of a quarter,

-          afford new participation and stabilize the civil society

-          revitalize and reshuffle inner cities

-          increase the energy efficiency through synergetic- and copycat-effects

additions to proposal from 14. July 2015:

application in the middle of the city, different and characteristic for each single project.

Who will take these actions?

Main actors will be the CEO´s of SonnenCityProjekte:


Is engaged in subsidy free urban planning as well as habitation-, work-, and traffic concepts. Individual, compact, innovative and assembled houses with an non visible garden offer an alternative to houses in suburban settlements, with particularly low area consumption and costs, by the highest energy efficiency.

SonnenCityProjekte counts on putting more responsibility on the individual, that each one copes with.  For SonnenCityProjekte responsibility means, that everyone takes responsibility and consumes in a sustainable way. Without renunciation, but very comfortable with SonnenCityProjekte- technologies and concepts.


concept and property development

Architect, graduate engineer and industrial engineer Johannes Wirthgen

concept and property development

contractor – financing – marketing – strategy: Hans Leo Bader

Main action also has to come from government and politics to change rules, so binding land use plans get sustainable and fit for the future. Most land use plans are old fashioned and not regenerativ oriented.


Where will these actions be taken?

In Berlin Weissensee the first SonnenCityProject will come up in 2015/2016.

How much will emissions be reduced or sequestered vs. business as usual levels?

What are other key benefits?



What are the proposal’s costs?

Costs are not higher, than costs of conventional buildings.

Time line

As fast as possible - as slow as necessary

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