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Maryette Haggerty Perrault

May 2, 2015


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Hello! Thanks for starting a proposal! My main question revolves around which (if any) market sector this code update would be focused on (residential, commercial, institutional, municipal, etc.). I understand that your proposal is in the early stages, so you may want to consider elaborating on details such as existing policy which could serve as precedent for revised building codes on a larger scale and potentially hone in on more specific technologies which you see as having the largest potential impact. Also think about leveraging existing systems such as utility sponsored incentives, government tax credits and economies of scale. Best of luck! I look forward to reading future revisions!

Cristina Miclea

May 17, 2015


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Thank you for creating this proposal. We look forward to reading more about it over the next couple of weeks!

Vishal Bhavsar

Jun 5, 2015


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Thank you for considering to develop proposal on this idea. World over the first need is to generate awareness on the need and benefits of adopting building codes for green features. The most critical part of this proposal is ‘What actions do you propose?’ Please provide details of policy advocacy, change in regulations, market based mechanisms, tax breaks etc as approach to increase penetration of building codes. Regards, Vishal


Jun 27, 2015


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Would you be willing to duplicate this proposal in the United States Action Plan under the buildings sector? I would like to include it into my team's proposal see Unify America under United States Action Plans. My best to you!