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Maryette Haggerty Perrault

Maryette Haggerty Perrault


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Maryette Haggerty Perrault is an Energy Engineer at Retroficiency in Boston, MA where she manages all phases of energy analysis from data collection to client delivery. Maryette is the technical liaison between the energy, software and sales teams and works to improve Retroficiency’s Virtual Energy Assessment (VEA). She has performed comprehensive utility benchmarking and consumption analysis, detailed energy audits, and authored technical reports on numerous facilities. Her experience at Retroficiency ranges from multi-year government service contracts to large-scale utility software pilots. Prior to joining Retroficiency as part of the Nexamp Clean Energy Solutions acquisition, Maryette worked at the National Park Service, the Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Much of her previous work has focused on technology innovation and commercialization, sustainability outreach and education, energy and environmental conservation, and the built environment’s impact on the natural environment. Maryette has earned her LEED Green Associate certification and received her Bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College with a concentration in Architecture, Engineering and Environmental Studies.


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