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Anita Talberg

Jun 25, 2014


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HI psingh, Thanks for putting in a proposal. It is an interesting idea technically. It would be great if you could provide details on how research into this idea can be governed to limit its environmental and political risks. Maybe try to identify what those risks might be and then propose a way to manage them.

Parminder Singh

Jun 26, 2014


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Hi Anita, Thanks for your comment. I am afraid I cannot comment too much on environmental and political risks since I come from a technical field except to say these issues are minimal. All I can say the idea is simple and safe. Ocean assisted weathering on silicates existed since the earth was born. To enhance the rate of weathering to counter the problem of GHGs I propose the use of the ocean's processes such as whirlpools, wave sinks and rocky coastlines.

Dennis Peterson

Jul 31, 2014


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Nice idea. I referenced it in a combined proposal under Global Plan:

Climate Colab

Aug 6, 2014


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I enjoyed reading about Olvine and learning about your strategy. I've heard a fair number of ocean-seeding plans in recent year, but this one was new to me and I'm glad you brought it to our attention. However, your proposal is an operational plan, rather than the research protocol/control strategy we called for in the proposal, so I'm afraid I can't justify advancing this proposal to the semifinals. I hope you'll check the contest again next year, to see if the contest is seeking substantive geoengineering plans.