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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The proposal cites "make available to the users ..."; but it doesn't clearly define who these users are! Is there a demand, on part of the population, for this kind of tool?

There's somewhat a contradiction and paradox in this proposal. While on the one hand it puts a lot of emphasis on the digital divide, it's a sophisticated system that will only be accessible and available to those who already have access and know how to use this technology. The system in itself wont bring onboard or include new users unless they are already in the: "literate, educated, can afford or have access to not only a computer but the Internet, which also implies electricity and the rest of it". So, any mention of inclusive and collaborative is and will be limited to that group not the vast majority of the public in Africa, which are still predominantly rural. This is a system for specialists not "crowd" per se...

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

It is a good idea, and there are some platforms that already do some of this. So a key missing ingredient is a market analysis.It is quite expensive, so a much bigger risk...
This proposal clearly fits the crowdsourcing aspect of this contest. What needs to be clarified in your proposal is whether you are interested in climate adaptation strategies in general, or disaster risk management. If you are interested in gathering information about the various measures undertaken at the community level, e.g. to mitigate the effects of natural hazards, it should be made clearer.

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