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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The Climate CoLab adaptation contest team appreciates the time that you took to submit this proposal. The judges like the idea of creating a green space in the middle of a city as part of a public educational program (especially if it can be maintained adequately). However, the proposal does not sufficiently discuss the capacity of the project in terms of the ownership, management and financial support. At this stage, it is not clear as yet that this is well enough detailed to be workable.

The following are some areas in which the judges believe you can strengthen your idea:
- The benefits and costs (not just in financial terms) need to be better worked out.
- The practical political issues about who will own, control and manage the site and the learning program must all be refined. Also, will the city budget provide funds to protect it?
- If a portion of the public does not value or respect the forested area of your village square, a well-developed public engagement strategy would help win broader public support for your project instead of building a fence in the square, which seems to account for almost 50% of your budget. Discuss how to engage surrounding communities, find and use volunteers, and create a shared vision for what you want to accomplish.
- It needs to be better explained how this project will help your community adapt to the expected impacts of climate change in your region.

All in all, there is the beginning of an idea here. So the judges encourage you to consider these factors and keep evolving your idea. While your proposal is not advancing to the semi-finals this year, the contest team wishes you the best of luck in your endeavors and would love to see a proposal from you next year incorporating this feedback.

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