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Elaine Morita

May 26, 2013


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This proposal could be implemented for workout bicycles at YMCA gyms with the same benefits of creating alternative sources of clean electricity and familiarizing the general public about green technology.

2013reducing Consumptionjudges

Jul 2, 2013


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Thank you for your entry! We thought your proposal was a great addition to the field, and particularly appreciated the fact that it relies on existing technology. The 2013 Climate CoLab judges have some feedback that we thought could make your submission even stronger: -We weren't quite sure how this reduces consumption or by how much, so including some quantification of that would be helpful -We thought this could be interesting especially from an educational perspective, with a graphical display of energy being produced via exercise -Payoff calculations would be great to see from an investment perspective; could this be self-supporting monetarily? -What level of output or number of people exercising would it take to cover a gym's power needs? Thank you again for your entry!