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Mike Matessa

May 16, 2013


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Management of natural resources and tree farming would have great benefits to the local community. Could you discuss additional benefits related to climate change?

Madiwa Yassin

May 16, 2013


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Management of Natural resources and tree farming will have great benefits to the local communities, thus including Increased concern on conservation of forest resources by local communities where by will reduce degradation of Eastern Arc Mountain forests which contributing to bring rains in southern Sahara in Africa Continent, Household woodlots to be established will decrease extraction pressure against natural forests and forest reserves, alternative income-generating activities will reduce timber-based income-generating business, However new skills on business management and beekeeping and fish farming will increase household income, Improved agriculture through diversification to new breeds of banana will increase food availability and income to the women and save time to engage fully in economic activities, Tree planting activities will generate income through sale of fuel wood, building poles, seedlings and timber, Energy-saving stores will reduce greatly the use of fuel wood, increase cooking efficiency and relieve women and children from the problems of finding wood walking long distance. All in all it will improve and raise the standard of living to the community.

2013localsolutionsjudges 2013localsolutionsjudges

Jul 5, 2013


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An interesting proposal for management of natural resources.