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Rob Laubacher

Dec 6, 2012


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Really cool idea. Please keep us posted as the pilot runs its course and let us know how it goes. I'd be particularly interested in what personal changes lead to the biggest emissions reductions. Also, what tools, if any, are you using to measure people's emissions?

Joep Joep Meijer

Dec 17, 2012


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We are using a list of actions that anybody can implement and use an estimate of the impact for the average US citizen. What is most important about these numbers is that they reflect how important they are related to each other (which ones are most impactful) and that it creates a mindset of results driven actions.

Mike Matessa

Dec 19, 2012


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Great idea to use people's social groups to help with motivation! You could also measure the cost savings of actions. The combination of social and financial reward has helped Transition Streets to save households about £570 per year and around 1.3 tonnes of CO2.

Pia Jensen

Mar 31, 2013


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Terrific idea! Being experienced in grant management for projects I find it is important to add in a method to measure and track challenges, impacts, and progress/or not so the project's outcomes may be recorded and used by others (without documentation it is difficult to track outcomes and replicate a project). I recommend you put in a research/analysis components - surveys, follow up on activities and outcomes... so the project may evolve based on actual activities and outcomes. This is very upbeat!

2013localsolutionsjudges 2013localsolutionsjudges

Jul 5, 2013


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Great idea with strong potential impact, but the proposal is a bit vague. Examples are needed.